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Part Numbers

Pre-set at the factory, with proper brackets to mount on any disc or spoke wheel.  Includes installation instructions and decal for maintenance reference.  Super Single Crossfire is for single tire mounting.

Ordering Instructions:

CROSSFIRE tpms valves are available for desired air pressure of 50 to 150 psi, in 5 psi increments. 50 to 75 psi come with 12 inch hoses and a 90º fitting.
A,B,T brackets are included unless ordered otherwise.
Example: CF-100-ST-ABT = Stainless Steel Crossfire valve, 100 psi air pressure, with brackets for A,B,T applications.


Replacement Parts


Type Part # Type Part # A) Hoses-Straight Fitting
Rubber RH-16-STR Rubber RH-16-180 B) Hoses – 180º Fitting
Heavy Duty HD-17-STR Heavy Duty HD-17-180 C) O Rings-DCP10260
Stainless Steel ST-16-STR Stainless Steel ST-16-180 D) 90º Valve Stem-DCP12201
E) Mounting Bolt-DCP10330
F) Lock Washer-DCP10340

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